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I have been a professional musician and a guitar tutor for over fifteen years. I have had the opportunity to explore music in its full spectrum. Music is a form of art. Regular studying and consistent practise are important. However, there are other fundamental aspects that musicians and music teachers cannot underestimate, such as understanding the nature of a specific type of music, the connotations of its genres and styles, the poetry behind it, the historical and social backgrounds in which it has been created and developed and, of course, the crucial contributions of particular artists. As a guitar tutor I always keep these concepts in mind and I try my best to communicate them to my students as well as the passion and enthusiasm for playing music.

From Beginner to Advanced

Styles and Genres:
The following are the musical genres I love to play and to teach about: Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Soul, Funk and Reggae. I like to think of them as Roots music. It is true to say that the guitar techniques developed within those genres have been hugely influential for the progress of Pop music and that they are still used in current music.
Therefore I believe that learning about them is crucial for any sort of musical style and genre that one can be passionate about.

Practical Topics and Techniques: 
Here is a list of the topics related to the musical styles mentioned above that I teach:
• Major Scale in 5 positions
• Main Minor Scales: Natural, Melodic and Harmonic
• Modes of the Major Scale
• Minor and Major Pentatonic scale in 5 different positions
• Diminished Scale
• Augmented Scale
• Open position chords
• Bar Chords
• Extended Chords
• Tonal Harmony
• Modal Harmony
• Jazz Harmony
• Improvisation
• Strumming Techniques
• Finger Picking Techniques
• Fret-board Awareness 
• Using the guitar as a tool for composing music
• Using the guitar as a tool for arranging music
• Understanding your role as guitarist in the most common types of band format
• Practise routine
• Using the metronome
• Developing your personal style
• Enjoying guitar ☺

£25 x 1 Hour
£65 x 1 block of 3 hours (save £10.00)
£200 x 1 block of 10 hours (save £50.00)

Location: Salford, North Manchester.

CRB Checked