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Since 2002 Sicilian Singer-Guitarist Paolo Fuschi has been sharing his heart-warming, foot stamping, hip shaking blend of Electric Blues, Classic Soul and Vintage Funk. His high-intensity live performances have been enjoyed everywhere, from Manchester basement jams to scorching Sicilian Summer Festivals.


Today, after over 20 years of collaboration and facilitation for many of the area’s most outstanding musical acts such as the funk outfit The Buffalo Brothers


"I'm a massive fan of this Manchester outfit - they've released one cracking album"

Craig Charles, Funk and Soul Show, BBC 6 Music


"Buffalo Brothers brought huge amounts of energy, sublime musicianship, and a very healthy crowd of fans to our night in East London last week - what more can you ask for!"

Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45s)


and The Electric Blues Duo Walkate & Fuschi


“...rock solid rhythm...”  “...Mat sings with power and plays with plenty of inventiveness..”  “...Paolo takes some fine instrumental breaks...”  “...this is a fine release...”

Blues In Britain UK


“Very nice!” “Delighted to play that! “

Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2 UK


As well as many others such as: Fuschi4, Kyla Brox, Sam Gray, Steve White (Paul Weller, Trio Valore), Jon Kenzie, Martin Connor, Franny Eubank, Fabrizio Cammarata, Julie Gordon (Stone Roses) and many others talented acts from Manchester and beyond (too many to mention)


Paolo has finally decided to answer the question “What is my thing?”.


In September 2021 he gathered cream of the crop musical companions Laurie Agnew (drums), Bo Lee (bass) and Justin Shearn (keyboards) at Salford’s Blueprint Recording Studios, home to Manc legends - Elbow, where he recorded a 4 Track EP titled “The Outsider”: a collection of Soulful original Blues tracks which capture some of the joy and pain that the Manc-Sicilian has encountered during recent years, while he and the whole world were forced to reflect and readjust.


The Outsider EP was released on 22nd February 2022. In the meantime you can catch Paolo playing with heart and soul in a venue somewhere between Tibbs Street and Mount Etna.

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