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Christmas Is Only Another Opportunity To Love Someone A Little Bit More

25 Dec 2017-12-23

11:10 pm

Somewhere in Salford

So here I am.

Christmas is almost over.

Less than an hour left.

Time freezes or runs faster

I push it; I chase it with a compelling desire for peace

If you can’t see me doesn’t mean I don’t exist

But feel free to forget me

Acceptance is my saviour

Whatever makes you happy

I’m sincere, whatever makes you feel happy

Happiness, love and peace in your heart

I’ll be hoping that you’ll be just fine

I’ll stay out, I’ve been an outsider for most of my life

That has been my blessing so far

I’m my home, I’m myself, I’m honest

Love is supreme

Love is supreme

I’m alive

Christmas is an excuse to love you more

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