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Your Hug & The Eyes Of The Moon

The only way I can still be close to you is writing truthful words

Hoping one day you read them and you feel close to me too

I learned that our love can have different faces and can be in different places in our hearts

But I know it's still there and it doesn't want to go away and it'll stay

So I trained myself to love you differently, from the distance, away from you

Because we are not able to love each other when we are together

Our closeness lasts for one hug

Our hug is as ancient as the sun and reassuring like the eyes of the moon

It lasts forever in me but only few seconds on a concrete pavement

I let you go as it's the only way I know how to love you

And as you said it's unfair, I've been unfair and I get it

But I love you

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